Imofa UK offers practical, cost effective solutions for the refurbishment, upgrading, retrofitting or replacement of existing Air Handling Units, Fans and Ventilation Equipment of any manufacture.


In time, even well maintained air handling and HVAC plant of any manufacture may deteriorate to the point where running and/or maintenance costs reach an unacceptable level and the risk of reduction in performance or failure is high.

Where refurbishment is feasible this may be chosen as an option to replacement where the cost is lower than new plant and it involves a shorter down time and less disruption in an occupied building.

Imofa UK with its specialist knowledge and experience in the design and manufacture of bespoke air handling units, and its strong technical site services operation is able to advise on the most cost effective and practical solution for plant of any manufacture.


Where existing unit design and space unit allows air performance may be increased and higher efficiency fans and motors, heat exchangers, and frequency inverters fitted for increased energy efficiency

The focus on the energy efficiency of building services is increasingly impacting on building owners and tenants. Within the limitations of the existing plant design, and any restrictions in building space Imofa UK will address client’s energy saving objectives as part of its refurbishment solutions.

Site Services Operation

Imofa UK’s site services division, backed by the company’s engineering design, application and production staff, undertakes all aspects of air handling plant refurbishment and upgrading from initial survey through to the satisfactory operation of the renewed plant.

Technical Site Services

Subject to the scope of the complete refurbishment project, in consultation with the building owner Imofa UK will alternatively:

  • Carry out all work related to the refurbishment/upgrading of the air handling plant
  • Work in partnership with a specialist M & E contractor designated by building owner or proposed by Imofa UK, appropriate to size of project

Technical Support

Whichever of the foregoing is employed Imofa UK will provide close technical support throughout the project on all work relating to the refurbishment/upgrading of the air handling plant.