Industrial Centrifugal Fans

Imofa UK compliments its own wide range of standard and bespoke air handling products with special fans produced by associate leading manufacturers in their field. The use of these specialist manufacturers for fume handling, ATEX and heavy duty applications ensures that the best solution is put forward for the particular application.

Large and Special Construction Centrifugal Fans

Fan specifications suitable for removal of clean air, gases, and particulates in both HVAC and process applications including operation in high temperatures.

  • Belt and direct drive centrifugal and radial fans
  • Forward and Backward inclined impellers
  • Volume flow rates up to 150m³/s
Large and Special Construction Centrifugal Fans

ATEX compliant fans

Axial and Centrifugal fans for gas, corrosive fume and dust hazardous areas for use in Equipment Category 2 and 3 applications (Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22).

Certified in accordance with the directive EU 94/9/EC Article 100a

EU Declarations of Conformity are available on request.

Fans for Smoke and Fume extraction according to BS EN12101-3

Axial and centrifugal fans for smoke spill (extraction) in fire applications.

Typically fans are approved to operate for up to 400 degrees C for 2 hours and can be selected for dual purpose application – normal ventilation and smoke extraction in the event of fire.