Imofa UK offers a comprehensive range of electronic speed controllers, frequency inverters, and bespoke control panels designed to interface with system controls in maintaining the quality of the internal environment and maximising energy efficiency.

Air Handling Unit Control Panels

Air Handling Unit Control PanelsBespoke AHU panels are designed and manufactured for the control of airflow, heating, cooling, and heat recovery as required on individual projects including, where required, interface with building management systems.

Panels can optionally be supplied for remote location or as an integral part of the air handling unit.

Frequency Inverters

Frequency InvertersVariable speed drive by frequency inverter caters for a wide range of applications from simple manual speed control through to use in demand control ventilation (DCV systems).

Significant reductions in power consumption can be achieved as targeted in the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and Part L of Building regulations.

Inverters can be supplied with network card options.

ISC Electronic Speed Controllers

  • ISC Electronic Speed ControllersManual infinitely variable speed control with minimum speed setting
  • On/off switch with neon indicator
  • 230V/50Hz/1ph

TRK Auto Transformer Speed Controllers

TRK Auto Transformer Speed Controllers

  • Rotary Switch with on/off and 5 speed positions.
  • Multiple fan control by one controller.
  • 230V/50Hz/1ph

IAC Automatic Changeover Panels

IAC Automatic Changeover PanelsFor use with twin fan units providing automatic changeover to standby fan on electrical or airflow failure of run fan.

  • Automatic 12 hour duty sharing
  • 220-240V/50Hz/1ph and 380-400V/50hz/3ph

Kitchen Ventilation Control Panels with Gas Shutdown

Kitchen Ventilation Control PanelsProvide starter function for supply and exhaust fans with shut down signal to cooking equipment gas supply in the event of supply fan failure.

Options include:

  • Control of heating /cooling filter monitoring
  • 7 day programme
  • Fireman’s override