Bifurcated Fans

Our BAX Bifurcated Axial Flow Fans are part of the extensive range of centrifugal and axial flow fans developed and manufactured by Imofa and installed on major commercial projects and industrial processes worldwide. The performance and reliability of our BAX fans are well proven in continuous operation on high temperature air applications and contaminated air applications. Good aerodynamic design and substantial construction ensure that air performance is maintained on the most demanding of applications.

Three distinct variations in material specifications for the BAX standard range provide the user with optimum costs for system operating temperatures up to 80°C, 180°C, and 250°C, the bifurcated casing design ensuring full protection of the motor from the contaminated or high temperature air stream. Modified versions of the standard fan are available for higher temperatures and flameproof applications.

  • Specifications for air stream temperatures up to 80ºc, 180ºC and 250ºC
  • 250mm to 1250mm diameter
  • Volume flows up to 26.0 m³/s
  • Variable geometry aerofoil section impellers to match specific volume flow – pressure characteristics of individual installations
  • Non-overloading characteristic
  • Options on material specifications and finish
  • Motors IP 54 or IP55 protection
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Bifurcated Fans

ErP compliance – Implementation of Directive 2009 /125 /EC

All fans included in brochures and software downloads on this site can be supplied where they are to replace identical fans in existing installations or are for export outside of the European Union.

With effect from 1st January 2013 only fans which are ErP compliant will be selected and supplied for new installations.

Please contact Imofa UK on or call 01206 505909 to confirm compliance