Bespoke Air Handling Units

Imofa UK designs and manufactures bespoke energy efficient air handling units to match the unique requirements of each individual project – space limitations – airflow, heating, cooling, humidification, and heat recovery performance – sound levels – leakage and hygienic standards.

Air Handling Unit Applications

Bespoke AHU designs ensure the optimum technical and commercial solution for each individual application from basic comfort ventilation systems through to criitcal applications in hospital operating theatres, food production, and clean rooms for medical, engineering and pharmaceutical products.

Energy Efficiency and Carbon Emissions

Imofa UK’s overall unit designs and component selection focus on achieving maximum energy efficiency within any building restrictions on unit size and configuration, and cost limitations. The latest developments in high efficiency heat recovery are employed to minimise energy costs, satisfy energy efficiency regulations part L, and contribute to building owners objectves on carbon emissions.

Configurations to Suit Building Space

Vertical or horizontal, double deck or side-by side design configurations are employed to suit building space restrictions and operating criteria, and are supplied as a single unit, modules, or flat-pack for site assembly.

Unit Construction

Units for standard ventilation applications are aluminium penta-post construction with double skin 25mm or 50mm, panels with galvanised mild steel inner skin and plastisol coated mild steel outer skin. The panels enclose high density rockwool material with good acoustic and thermal insulation properties.

Higher specifications include units to comply with HTM03 -01 for hospital operating theatres, and individual companies’ specific requirements for cleanrooms, swimming pools, and process systems in the food and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry .

Air Handling Unit Components

Components are selected from the most up to date energy efficient options available to best meet the unique commercial and technical requirements of each individual poject. Options include:

  • Fans: Centrifugal, plug, or mixed flow
  • Filters: Panel, Bag, HEPA and carbon
  • Cooling: Chilled Water and DX (direct expansion)
  • Heating: Low pressure hot water, Electric, or Gas
  • Silencers: Purpose designed to meet specific sound attenuation requirement


  • Heat Recovery: Hgh Efficiency Plate Heat Exchangers, Rotary Heat Wheels, or Run-Around-coils recovering high percentage of heat from exhaust air

Variable Duty for Demand Ventilation systems

Frequency Inverters, enabling motor/ fan speed to be infinitely varied, matching volume flow to changing demand and providing major savings in power consumption.

External to the Air Handling Unit

To provide clients with a complete package solution Imofa UK, in partnership with associate specialist companies will also supply:

  • Bespoke Control Panels
  • Heat Pumps
  • Condenser Units
  • Chillers
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